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Tamanchey fires off when boy, Munna, a rustic kidnapper from Uttar Pradesh meets girl, Babu, a street smart drug peddler from Delhi. As criminals go, they meet in police custody while being escorted to jail. Their romantic saga ensues when they get a dramatic chance to escape. During this escapade they are forced to stay together for a short period. By the time they’ve reached the end of their journey and potential freedom, Babu chooses to walk away, without warning. In her moment of doubt she chooses her familiar world of crime and ambition over her emotions for Munna. The dejected lover, Munna, follows her to Delhi only to find that she’s the mistress and right-hand of an uncouth, merciless and possessive gang leader, Rana. The determined Munna steels himself and joins Rana... Read More


Aa Bhi Ja O Piya

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Tamanchey - Full Movie

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