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Widower businessman Mr. Sinha lives a very wealthy lifestyle along with two daughters, Juhi and Reshmi. Both are of marriageable age and he wants them to marry within equally wealthy families. Juhi ends up falling in love with a middle-classed young man named Vijay Kumar Gupta much to the chagrin of Sinha, who refuses to bless the couple, compelling them to elope. Years later Vijay and Juhi become parents to a young boy, Munna, Sinha forgives them and asks them to return home. The train they were traveling in meets with an accident and amongst the survivors are Vijay and his son. A grieving Sinha welcomes Munna and Vijay, treats Vijay as his son, lets him run the business as well as decides to make him the heir to his wealth and estate. When Reshmi returns home, she is apprehensive of ... Read More


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Hungama 2


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