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Shiv Charan Sharma a farmer moves to the city to make a life with his son Rohan, daughter (Radha Seth) and wife. He meets Munna, a orphan. Shiv and him work and make them self's into gangsters. years pass by, Shiv Charan Sharma is a untouched gang lord. Aslam Pathan and Billa Singh Thakur try to kill Shiv because they want his position. Munna falls in love with Razia, who is the daughter of Aslam Pathan. She runs off and gets married. Aslam Pathan takes his revenge by getting Gogia Advani to sell drugs to Shiv Charan Sharma, so they get a bad name. Shiv Charan Sharma refuses, but Munna seems interested. Shiv Charan Sharma gets shot so that they can deal with Munna but all hell breaks lose. Enters Rohan with girlfriend Neha, as he was kept away from the business. Rohan then avenges to kil... Read More


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Aatank Hi Aatank - Full Movie

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