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Dynamic and successful criminal lawyer Raj Goyal (Akshaye Khanna) thinks he has it all figured out. An idealistic crusader of justice, Raj is equally committed in punishing the guilty as he is in protecting the rights of the innocent. His involvement in his work is complete, ruling out any inclination of falling in love. But all this changes when he meets Sargam (Urmila Matondkar), a popular singer with several hit albums to her credit. Through Sargam, Raj comes across Tarang Bharadwaj (Ajay Devgan), a talented musician. Tarang, Sargam's childhood friend and mentor, is a victim of circumstance, caught red-handed at the scene of a brutal and heinous murder. The victim is music magnate Ashwin Mehta (Vijayendra Ghatge), found dead in his house, with multiple stab wounds. The violent nature ... Read More

Rajma Chawal



PK Lele A Salesman

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Deewangee - Full Movie

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