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Zhonabad is the name of the area that is located at the high-altitude mountain ravines. In this area lives a man called Lala (Tinu Verma). Since his ancestors were landlords before independence, Lala is a much respected and influential man there. But behind the curtain, he is the agent of the enemy country who helps infiltration of terrorists and ammunition through the passes in mountains known to him and his men only. Albaksh (Arbaaz Khan), an illiterate, works like a slave for Lala, without knowing that Lala is indulging in anti-national activities. He is Lala's henchman. Captain Sonia (Tabu), a military intelligence officer, gets to know of Lala's anti-national activities and she informs the military of it. The military authorities order Major Pratap to go to Zhonabad and keep an ... Read More


Gali Guleiyan

Laila Majnu


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Maa Tujhhe Salaam - Full Movie

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