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Vijay Agnihotri (Shahrukh Khan) is a wealthy, spoilt man who lives with his mother in the city of Mumbai. His outlook to life is simple: whatever he wants he gets. He meets Shivani Chopra (Madhuri Dixit) and falls in love with her. He constantly pursues her, but she is not interested. He does not give up and tells his mother that he wants to marry her. The day he and his mother go to give the proposal, they witness Shivani's wedding to Ashok Chopra (Deepak Tijori). Vijay is heartbroken and tries his best to forget about her. Fate brings Shivani and Vijay together again and this time he does not want to let go. He begins to make his move on Shivani's life and family. The cracks begin to show and it comes to a head when Ashok slaps Shivani and she leaves the house in distress. Vijay sees al... Read More

Angrezi Mein Kehte Hain

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3 Dev

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Anjaam - Full Movie

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