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In the secret world of shadows where good and evil are deeply enmeshed,�the dark world where fear stalks through streets, where the thin veil of sanity can get ripped off in an instant� revealing the hidden face of stark terror-on that razor�s edge live the chosen ones, wearing masks that can never be taken off. This is a film about a young man and the many masks he wears � enacting a desperate drama where forgetting the lines means instant death. This is the story of the many lives he has to live� the many deaths he has to die� It�s gripping action film about a rare few who choose to become hunted shadows so that others may live in peace and enjoy the sunshine. It�s a film that takes you on the edge of emotion� and then... Read More

Rajma Chawal



PK Lele A Salesman

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Mukhbiir - Full Movie

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