Kitne Door Kitne Paas - 2002


Jatin (Fardeen Khan) is on his way home after finishing off his studies in New York (funny it looks like Australia to me). Back home in India, Jatin?s parents have arranged his wedding to Jaya (Sonali Kulkarni). At the airport Jatin bumps into the hot tempered Karishma (Amrita Arora) who is catching a flight back to India for her arranged marriage to a guy named Nimesh (Ayub Khan). Jatin and Karishma instantly develop a mutual dislike for each other but are constantly running into one another. They board the flight to Delhi together and once they arrive in Delhi they find that their flight to Gujarat is cancelled. Together they manage to make it back to Gujarat (not only do they both live in Gujarat, they both live in the same city too! Wow will wonders never cease?) via taxi and bus. On their journey the two are mistaken for a married couple by an overly happy family which seems to have dropped off the sets of DDLJ or HAHK and into this mockery of romance. Jatin and Karishma even perform a Havan to keep the grandparents happy. Eventually they make it back to their hometowns and depart, but not before realizing that they have fallen in love with each other. Still they decide it?s best to listen to their parents and marry the one that has been chosen for them. After a senseless second half we?re left watching the climax in which Jaya and Jatin and Karishma and Nimesh are getting married at a venue where their altars stand across from each other. To call it a coincidence is an understatement. What happens in the end? Who cares?

Cast & Crew

Mehul Kumar
Mehul Kumar
Sanjeev Darshan
Anand Bakshi, Anwar Sagar

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