Aflatoon - 1997


Raja (Akshay Kumar), a good for nothing trying to get rich, impersonates Parimal Chaturvedi, a school professor and involves into a school of beautiful rich woman. He falls for rich girl Pooja (Urmila Matondkar). Then he wins her heart. Trouble comes when Pooja?s dad Prakash (Anupam Kher) mistakes Raja for Rocky (also Akshay Kumar), who is a lookalike of Raja and is a ruthless and merciless criminal who blackmails people for money or threatens to kill them. Prakash is also on Rocky?s payroll. Prakash asks Raja for help, so Raja impersonates Rocky to get his secrets and Prakash?s money.

But tables are turned when Rocky finds out about Raja. When Raja wakes up finds himself to be in Rocky?s mansion, he escapes. Rocky now plans to marry Pooja posing as Raja. Meanwhile, Rocky kidnaps his girlfriend, with whose help he was conning Prakash and hides her somewhere safe so she can not tell anybody about his plan. As Rocky and Pooja are about to get married, Raja crashes the wedding where Rocky?s girlfriend tells the truth before dying. Rocky drives to a multi-story building, where Raja follows him into and they start fighting. Raja pushes Rocky off the building, and he dies. Raja and Pooja then get married.

Cast & Crew

Guddu Dhanoa
Lalit Kapoor, Guddu Dhanoa, Raju Narula
Dilip Sen, Sameer Sen
Anand Bakshi

Aflatoon Movie - Songs

Aflatoon Aflatoon

Oyi Ma Oyi Ma Mar Gayi Re

Tu Maange Dil

Gori Chori Chori

We Love We Love Rocky

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