Aag Aur Shola - 1986


Poor Raju loved Usha, but she proudly refused to reciprocate. Nagesh brother of Usha was a rogue. When he learned that Raju loves Usha, attacked Raju and beat him like a beast. In spite of all this, the fire of lover for Usha was still burning in his heart.

On the other side, Nagesh was furious and wanted to kill Raju if he is still adamant. Raju had no other alternative than to go to Vishal for help. Golden hearted Vishal was not only generous but in strength, he was like a rock. Vishal's past resembled with Raju's present. He had played with fire and had lost his beloved Aarti.

Raju also was playing with fire and would meet with the same fate, but Vishal was now determined to help Raju. This news was like adding fuel to the fire. He would marry Usha with the boy of his choice but on the other side, Vishal had promised Raju to get him married with Usha only.

This was a great challenge for both Nagesh and Vishal. It was with all his sympathies to Raju on one side and the tyrant Nagesh on the other side and there in between them were the innocent lovers.

Cast & Crew

K Bapaiah
Prasan Kapoor
Laxmikant Kudalkar, Pyarelal
Anand Bakshi

Aag Aur Shola Movie - Songs

Aaj Subah Jab Main Jaga

Nakhrewali Maare Naksa

Mithi Mithi

Barsa Re Barsa

Ek Ladki Jiska Naam

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