Lead role in Titanics hindi remake

Thursday June 2, 10:03 PM Mumbai, June 2 (ANI): The desi version of Leonardo Di Caprio is none other than Samir Dattani, the lead of 'Uff..Kya Jadoo Mohabbat Hai'! Though the film sank last year, Samir seems to have anchored himself not only safely but rather in a very good position. The actor is believed to be finalized for the remake of James Cameroon blockbuster, ship saga 'Titanic'. The actor was selected amongst the 35 other Bollywood actors by the US Production Company who is to produce this project. The actor can't stop smiling at his big achievement and says that he cannot speak anything about it except that 'it is a freewheeling musical adaptation of Titanic'. Apparently what made Samir click was 'the right mix of youth and vitality which is in Caprio' according to the US producers of this film. Now, did anyone predict this? (ANI)

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