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Tony (Bobby Deol) was abandoned on a train as a child by his chacha and chachi. He quickly adapted to life on the streets and we presume he grew up doing dirty deeds. As an adult he's basically getting paid to threaten people into doing things against their will. Along with his friend (Sanjay Navekar) he goes to a show after a hard days work and is introduced to Sapna (Priyanka Chopra), a rising singer. He wants to marry Sapna but she's already been promised to some doctor of her father (Mohan Joshi). Tony decides to make more money to woo Sapna and in the process he ends up unknowingly threatening Sapna's father into signing a contract. The contract allows for old vaccines to be released onto the market, which results in a few dead children. Sapna's life is ruined; her father is in ja... Read More

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Kismat - Full Movie

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