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The robber is none other than Rocky (Chunky Pandey) who?s the nephew of Chowksi (Gulshan Grover), a Don based in London. Chowksi tells Rocky to sell the diamond to his brother Lalwani (Asrani) in Dubai. Lalwani is a dealer of smuggled gems and jewellery. But he warns Rocky to stay away from guns and gambling, which is his weakness, to ensure nothing goes wrong. On the other hand, the local mafia in Dubai, Moscow Chikna (Arbaaz Khan) is torturing Choubey (Paresh Rawal) because he was unable to return the money he had loaned from Moscow Chikna. Choubey owns a junk shop and was facing major loses. He gets information about the diamond robbery from one of his informants. He is also made aware of the involvement of the International mafia Chowksi. To keep a low profile, Moscow Chikna asks Choub... Read More


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Fool n Final - Full Movie

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