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The first twenty minutes show the part 1 scenes like how Prathap Ravi(Vivek Oberoi) revenge and how he came to power. As None in Andhra to stood against Ravi a man came into light by seeking revenge on Prathap. Suyra Bhanureddy (Surya Sivakumar) waiting in the road for Prathap Ravi and hurled bomb in his convoy. Unfortunately Prathap Ravi escapes from the bomb blast. Pratap ravi henchmen follows Surya to kill him but Surya escapes from them. Surya informs to her wife that he missed the chance of killing Prathap Ravi. Meanwhile media people asks Prathap that this attempt is a revenge of surya for TV bomb placed in Surya's home. Prathap Ravi denies the charge. Shivaji Rao questioned Prathap to stop this vengance but Prathap wants to kill Surya. Prathap orders his action team to kill each an... Read More


Gali Guleiyan

Laila Majnu


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RakhtCharitra - 2 - Full Movie

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