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Jee Lene Do Ek Pal revolves around the life of the village raised Shekhar who pays a visit to the city only to be trapped in a crime, a consequence of his ego thereby leading to infidelity. Shekhar, happily married to Poonam, decides to pay a visit to the city to meet Vinod, brother of the village chief, for work assigned by the chief himself. However, due to certain circumstances, Shekhar decides to spend the night at Vinod s residence and the only way he can do so is by sharing a room with the model Rimi. Though Shekhar stays away from Rimi and has no negative intentions towards her, her insults and comments instigate Shekhar to commit a crime that may not only break his marriage but also lead to his death. Read More


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Jee Lene Do Ek Pal - Trailer

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