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Two brothers whose job is to hunt and eradicate ghosts for money is assigned a project in a remote village Vibhooti (Saif Ali Khan) and Chiraunji (Arjun Kapoor) run an exorcist business and together travel all over the country. They are famous as Ullat Baba and sons, though know nothing about supernatural beings and exorcism and thrive only on the superstitions of people. The movie starts with them arriving in a village in Rajasthan to perform an exorcism on a young girl who was being possessed by her late grandfather. However, Vibhooti soon realizes that the girl was faking the possession to which she admits. Turns out, her parents were forcing her to get married while she wanted to continue her studies. The brothers agree to help her and although Chiraunji is against the illicit ways h... Read More


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Bhoot Police 2021 - Trailer

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