Zindagi Tere Naam - 2012


Behind the Scenes of Ordinary Lives, you tend to uncover a "Zindagi" of love, commitment and intense emotion!!!

Mr. Singh, an ordinary man with an ordinary life vividly recreates a legend, legend of love, life and romance se against fantastically different background of a couple, Siddharth and Anjali .The legend comes full circle from the green courts of Dalhousie to the studied manners of Chandigarh respectively!!! Two stories of romance run parallel right through and unfold to show the true emotions of couples. The intensity with which the couple loves is not limited by their respective ages. One has the youth, vibrancy and passion where as the other is studied, matured and sober but neither couples are short of intensity in their romance. It is a Classic example of how much you would do for your Love....!

The entire drama unfolds from assignation to madness, From Love to Sunder, From Hope to Despair and from comeback to Tears. Without any revulsion they revel in it and without any fright they fight for it. It is believed that love is when forever is not long enough....! Zindagi Tere Naam is tale that has lives that will live for love and the sacrifice of hearts that will leave other hearts bleeding!! It is a Swan?s tale that will waive the ups and downs of the Love at its Zenith.

A Story of Great Love, which will truly re-define" Love for Life "and that, is when we say "Zindagi Tere Naam"!

Cast & Crew

Ashu Trikha
Pawan Goyal
Sanjay Masoom
Wajid, Sajid
Faiz Anwar, Jalees Sherwani

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