Utthaan - 2006


The story of Utthaan relates to the generation of today?s youth who want to reach the top by any means but they do not have any direction. They are engrossed in reaching to the top and getting the maximum facilities with the maximum monetary benefit in the shortest time. The glitter of money and the glamour of the chair is all that counts to enter the elite society. To achieve this they will use any means at the cost of their principles and self respect.

This story depicts characters who employ these methods. The story is set in today?s world destroyed by corruption. Politics of today has become such a corrupt business that people enter it to achieve power, money and influence.

The story brings out the dirty role of the media. The media plays as important role in this corrupt system. The media plays an important part to elevate somebody or destroy somebody. The youth of today therefore enter the media in order to achieve their unlimited selfish ambition. They forget their honesty, origin and indulge in hypocrisy. The result is that they are instrumental in destroying the value and principles of the country.

The story raises some burning issues of how the youth can contribute to the upliftment of the country but actually they are destroying the country because of their selfish ideology. Judging the present situation, what will be the situation tomorrow?

The hero of the story Prashant Bharati (Priyanshu Chatterjee) is a media man from Mumbai who wants to expose corrupt politicians and the dark side of the media. He is a graduate from Lucknow University who won the post of president of the student union twice and his aim is to get to the top for which he becomes friendly with Kiran Talreja (Neha Dhupia), a beautiful hi-fy life styled model whom he met at the Lakme Fashion Show who also wants to reach the top by hook or by cook.

Kiran does not want to take any advice from her mother which will alter her life style. The hero realizes that Kiran is the right person to help him achieve his ambition, for that reason he encourages her and introduces her to his social circle and his superiors who are helping him.

The story exposes how both of them have abandoned all principles to achieve their ambitions and in this process they have become enemies to each other and want to kill each other.

Cast & Crew

Ujjwal Chatterjee
Kumar Sanu
Kumar Sanu
Sudhakar Sharma

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