Tum Ho Yaara - 2014


Shvia is a software engineer who is in love with medical student Meera. Meera?s Father Rajaraman is a don who taken law in his hands to provide justice. Rajaraman does not like Shiva who is in love with Meera so he challenge Shiva saying that he will forget Meera after 2 years if he is not having any contact with her. Shiva accept the challenge and fly is to USA for a job. In USA he meets with an accident and gets short term memory loss.

Due to his memory loss he forgets Meera and Rajaraman and starts a life with his co-worker Maya. Once on a camping trip he drink a potion prepared by Shaman and get is to illusion. At the end of the illusion he gets back his memory and find out Meera is falling in love with Dr. Arun. Who is Psychiatrist. In order to get back Meera, Shiva acts as if he is mentally retarded. Dr. Arun explain Shiva?s condition to Meera and Rajaraman and gets Shiva and Meera reunited.

Cast & Crew

Natty Kumar, Dr. Jay
Natty Kumar
Natty Kumar
Faizan Hussain, Agnel Roman

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