Swami - 2007


?Life is just a chance to grow a soul.? Every one of us has a life to live, with our parents, our relatives, our near and dear ones? Some of them are with us, while others have left us and are lost in the sands of time. Their only existence now is in our memories. When we look at an ant hill and see the ants running up and in their daily routine, just like the millions who walk this earth. It makes us think if we really have the time to miss the ones who left us.

When our loved ones who are about to leave us and have just a few last breaths left, there comes a ?moment? when they get connected with the supernatural. At that moment they just bless us and give us a loving look, that I know and leave silently. ?Swami? is a film about this ?moment.?

Cast & Crew

Ganesh Acharya
Ganesh Acharya
Nitin Arora, Sony Chandy

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