Superman - 1993


In space, there is a planet, where Captain (Dharmendra) and his wife Mohini and son Shekhar (Punit Issar) living, one day because of some disturbance in space, all space ship member, wants (Dharmendra) Captain to leave planet, soon captain and his wife Mohini deliver their son Shekhar in earth, later Ashok Kumar (Captain Sahab) and wife Kamala, found a baby in a long field, they taking care of him. Shekhar becomes young and considers he is Captain Sahab and Kamala?s son, but soon he knows the fact, when Captain (Dharmendra) comes in Shekhar?s dream and tell each and every thing in reality who is he, Captain Dharmendra said, "You are not a common man, and you are a super man who is having super natural powers, to save poor - hungry and helpless people on earth, Shekhar promises himself," I will do the same thing which my parents said".

He loves Geeta, soon both loves each other. Mr. Verma (Shakti Kapoor) a smuggler, smuggling goods illegally, but every time super man cames on location and catch them, and punished them, later, (Shakti Kapoor) Mr. Verma make a metalic element called sinkron Zing, to control his powers, and one day he kidnapped superman by using Sinkron Zing, now.....will superman be able to save his life...........???or superman will finish........???


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