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Shivaay is the story of a father and his little daughter. It depicts the extent to which a parent can go, to protect his child. Shivaay (Ajay Devgan) lives in the Himalayas and is a mountaineer; he loves mountain-climbing and has no­body to call his own in this world. While guiding a group of foreign trekkers, he befriends a foreigner, Olga (Erika Kaar), in the group. She hails from Bulgaria and has a family there to look after. Shivaay and Olga are thrown together by circumstances one day. Their togetherness leads to intimacy and the two develop a physical rela­tionship. Olga gets pregnant with Shivaay's love-child and all­ though she wants to abort the child and is in a hurry to return to Bulgaria, Shivaay pleads with her to deliver the child in India and give it to him before returning to her country.

Olga obliges Shivaay. She returns to Bulgaria soon after delivering their love-child, a baby girl, whom Shivaay then names Gaura (Abigail Eames). Gaura is unable to speak right from birth. Shivaay raises the daughter as a single parent. He tells Gaura that her mother is dead. All hell breaks loose when Gaura gets to know that her mother is alive and in Bulgaria she forces Shivaay to take her to Bul­garia to meet her mother.

Shivaay reaches Bulgaria with Gaura. But before the duo can trace Olga, Gaura is kidnapped. Shivaay only has 72 hours in the foreign land to save his little daughter as otherwise; she would either be pushed into the flesh trade or killed so that her organs could be sold. Abducting children and initiating them into prostitution or trading in their organs is common in Bulgaria. What follows is a torrid action fanfare detailing the extents to what a father will go to rescue his child.

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