Shiva - 2006


The film begins with the brutal murder of a Mumbai man named John by a group of Gangsters led by ruthless Kingpin Bappu Ganesh (Upendra Limaye) who terrorizes the slums of Mumbai striking fear into the heart of slum-dwellers. As time goes on, Babbu becomes more and more powerful, until he manages to seize power from the Government of Maharashtra and make himself Chief Minister of the state.

As Chief Minister, Babbu is able to seize all of Maharashtra's money and launder it stripping the people of their wealth. Shiva Swarassi (Mohit Alawat) is a poor slum-dweller who, after watching his parents being brutally murdered by Bappu's men, decides that it's time to get rid of Bappu. He gets the people of Dharavi Slum in Mumbai together and forms a rebellion against Bappu promising that he will avenge his deceased parents and kill Bappu.

Since the forming of this alliance, a series of murders take place upon Bappu's top Counterparts.

Cast & Crew

Ram Gopal Varma
Ram Gopal Varma
Ilayya Raja

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