Shakalaka Boom Boom - 2007


Set against a backdrop of the international music industry, Shakalaka Boom Boom delves into the complex relationship of two dramatically different men who have but one thing in common ? their passion for music. If ruthless, manipulative, cut-throat? is considered synonymous with the music industry, these terms certainly do not apply to AJ ? the most loved, the most popular singer/composer New York has seen.

If prodigious talent, passion, attitude? is considered synonymous with the music industry. Then Reggie fits the bill. Young and hugely talented, he hungers for what AJ has; he craves to be where AJ is ? on the top. Into the lives of these two men enter two beautiful women ? aspiring singer Ruhi and ambitious PR professional Sheena.

On the professional front, Ruhi admires and looks up to AJ. On the personal level she has been wooed and won over by Reggie. On the professional front, Sheena has done a lot for Reggie. On the personal level, she holds a huge grudge because he has spurned her. As ambition, manipulation and desperation take centre stage, Ruhi and Sheena become pawns in a ruthless game?

As AJ and Reggie face off against each in a do or die battle? envy and betrayal rear their ugly heads? As talent struggles to survive the onslaught of a carefully orchestrated smear campaign, Music will be the ultimate winner? and the loser? In Shakalaka Boom Boom.

Cast & Crew

Suneel Darshan
Suneel Darshan
Himesh Reshammiya

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