Saaawan - 2006


"Ironically, the story of the film unwinds against a background of two conflicting beliefs- destiny and --- coincidence. The hero believes in destiny while the girl he loves, believes that everything in life is about sheer coincidence. The two meet in Cape Town where and an intense love story blossoms between the two but tragedy strikes when the boy loses the girl. The lovelorn hero, who is desperate to get back to love, keeps yearning for her until the power above comes to his rescue and endows him with unique intuitive ability of foresight. That's when he meets his lover once again under mysterious circumstances and rescues her from an accident that he foresees.
"The honesty and conviction with which Salman has rendered his performance in the film, is visible in each of its frames. He is the kind of actor who lives and breathes his character through the completion of the film His intense, brooding look in the film and the stark honesty in his eyes, amply justify his deep involvement in the film. His dedication was also evident in the fact that he specially decided to grow stubble in order to give his character the look of a tormented lover. Moreover his long- haired look in the film, has given an added intensity to his character.

The film also has a 7- minute qawalli number picturized on Salman, Which has been composed by Aadesh Srivastava. To keep the entertainment element alive, it also has a parallel comedy track on Johnny Lever and Bobby Darling.

The picturesque locales of Cape Town where the story takes off, have given the film an ideal backdrop. I hope destiny makes its presence felt once again and makes the film a roaring success at the box- office."

Cast & Crew

Sawan Kumar Tak
Sawan Kumar Tak
Aadesh Shrivastava

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