Rokkk - 2010


Rokkk...A story based on hallucinations and illusions experienced due to occurring of nerve wrecking incidents, causing a spine chilling thrill, created by a paradox of paranormal ideas, Rokkk is based on a combination of supernatural thoughts and Inevitable emotions. It is a concept executed by director Rajesh Ranshinge by merging facts and fictional events.

A narrative about two female protagonists Anushka and Ahana. Anushka wedded an elderly man named Ravi. Ravi ties the knot for the second time after an unknown death of his first wife Pooja. Anushka's mother is a single conservative parent, who totally refuses to accept their relationship. However, her only help in distress is her sister Ahana.

The couple begin their journey in a beautiful home purchased by Ravi two years ago. Their life was content until one day... when unexpected turns and twists take place in Anushka's life. Anushka tries to share her experiences with her husband, who in turn thinks that his wife is hallucinating and so decides to move back to his earlier house. Although the horror doesn't seem to stop in this house either. Anushka is petrified and suspects that Pooja is behind all these nerve wrecking incidents. Incapable to abide with the tormenting incidents, she seeks advice from a healer who enlightens her about the accursed house and tells her that who ever will pass through the shadow of the house will be cursed and will die a painful death. He gives her some 'yantra's which can only protect her, but not free her from the evil curse. While Anushka tries to discover the motive behind these unexplainable incidents, her husband and sister-in-law get murdered. She is charged with murder for the same and hence is taken to an asylum.

Anushka tries to reach her sister for help but is unable. Sensing a problem, Ahana begins her journey to rescue her sister. As she reaches the asylum she meets Ranveer, a cop who is in charge of this case. He informs Ahana about the charges levied on Anushka and also about her escape from the asylum. The story continues as Ranveer and Ahana come together, though they refuse to follow the same path but their destination is the same (Anushka). In their journey they get cursed by the shadow of the house, and as they move further they also meet the same healer who helps them unfold mysteries behind the accursed house. The story continues with thrill and excitement as it slowly reveals the secret behind the accursed house. But the questions remain the same; will Ahana be able to find her estranged sister? Will the protagonists get rid of the curse? Will the healer be able to free the accursed house? Your questions will be answered as you enter the world of Rokkk.

Cast & Crew

Rajesh Ranshinge
Sumeet Saigal, Krishan Choudhary, Vipin Jain

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