Rehguzar - 2006


?One toilet for 20-30 men in most labour camps!? ? Khaleej Times.?Increasing incidences of frustration and fights in labour camp? ? 7 days. These are the common headlines appearing nowadays in the newspapers of the gulf region of Asia, esp. the Dubai.

?Rehguzar? deals with this same issue and depicts the life of the labourers in such labour camp. The helpless labour class which comes from different countries in the gulf thinking and dreaming that life will become a bed of roses once they get into there. This is what exactly this film depicts, that life is not so easy in the gulf too, and most of the expatriates have to work very hard to make their mark in order to live upto the expectation of their family members.

The story shows the life of an Engineer Rahul (Jimmy Shergill) who comes to Dubai with great dreams in his eyes to become famous and rich. During this endeavor he has to pass through numerous hurdles, failures and success and encounters with a lovely beautiful girl Neha (Saloni Aswani) daughter of a rich Indian businessman (Rajiv Verma and Asha Bachani). Rakesh Bedi an ardent fan of Big B in the film adds spice with his hilarious comedy supported by another comedian, Vrajesh Hirjee, who plays the role of Rahul?s best friend.

As the story unfolds, the film depicts the life of Rahul and how it changes according to different circumstances.

Cast & Crew

Faruq Masudi
Kesar Kothari
Aadesh Shrivastava
Nusrat Badr

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