Raja Ko Rani Se Pyar Ho Gaya - 2001


Mohit (Arvind Swamy) is the son of a village Thakur (Goga Kapoor). His life revolves around the children of his village and the fantasy stories told to him by his grandmother (Dina Pathak). Mohit keeps dreaming that he is a ?Raja?, who will one day meet the ?Rani? of his dreams.
Manisha (Manisha Koirala), a city girl, visits the village fair. When Mohit sets his eyes on her, he starts believing that she is the ?Rani? of his dreams. He hides the auspicious statue of ?Gajaraja? and on the pretext that it is stolen, he goes to the city to search for it. He teams up with his brother?s three children and succeeds in searching Manisha. But despite his best efforts, he is unable to express his love to her.
Manisha accidentally breaks the statue of ?Gajaraja?, but she gifts a live baby elephant (Appu) to Mohit. Mohit and the children keep Appu in their flat and through him Mohit conveys his feelings to Manisha. Mohit and Manisha?s love blossoms, but Manisha has a past that catches up with her.
What happens next? Is Mohit successful in tracing Manisha? Can Appu be of any help in Mohit?s quest?

Cast & Crew

T.K. Rajeev Kumar

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