Pal Pal Dil Ke Ssaat - 2009


Former cricketer Vinod Kambli accidentally meets a bunch of under15 cricketers and mentions that he needs finance to make a film. They promise to organize the money for him provided they like the story. So Kambli narrates them his films story: Ajay Kapoor's (Ajay Jadeja) parents died when he was an infant and he has been brought up by his immensely rich grandmother (Sushma Seth). But she never fails to blame Ajay for his parents' death, and their relationship is constantly turbulent, till one day, it gets so bad that she throws him out of the house. Ajay is helped by his girlfriend, Dolly (Mahie Gill), during these bad times. Meanwhile, a group of goons senses an opportunity and, with Ajay's consent, hatches a plan to eliminate the grandmother and ensure that the wealth and property are inherited by Ajay, out of which they expect a cut. Ajay is willing to go along with the plan but when the goons start talking about murdering his grandmother, he comes to his senses. How Ajay outwits the goons and patches up with his grandmother forms the rest of the drama.

Cast & Crew

V Krishna Kumar
Abhishek Ray

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