Mera Dil Leke Dekkho - 2006


Debutant director Rohit Kaushik's "Mera Dil Leke Dekkho" is a humorous but unimpressive take on gays in society. The film has too many slip-ups to be termed an entertaining film.

Produced by Shatrughan Sinha's Shotgun Movies, the content and execution of the story are not quite up to the mark. The worst part is that this so-called comedy just drags on and after a certain point it becomes extremely dull and boring.

London-born Punjabi girl Archie (Koel Purie) is desperately looking for an eligible man. She meets Rahul (Punit Tejwani) in London and falls in love with him. But Rahul is not at all serious about her.

Unaware of Rahul's intentions, Archie flies to India to marry him, only to find herself in a complete mess. After a couple of bizarre incidents, she starts believing that Rahul is gay and is having an affair with his friend.

Meanwhile Rahul's mother (Archana) suspects that her husband (Jackie Shroff) is bisexual and is having an affair with their son's friend. She is also doubtful about her son's sexuality and Rahul's friends complicate the situation with their untimely entry.

Amidst all this sexuality confusion, Archie gets attracted to Rahul's gay friend thinking he is straight.

Making films on gays seems to be the latest fad in Bollywood. While some are good, some leave a bad taste in your mouth. "Mera Dil Leke Dekkho" falls in the latter category, as it doesn't have any substance to it.

While Archana is her usual self, Jackie as a philandering husband hardly impresses. Newcomer Punit shows sparks of talents but needs to hone his acting skills and work on his appearance as well. Koel perfectly suits the bill of a typical NRI Punjabi girl.

All in all, the film's fate is predictable - it is not going stay for long at the box office because audiences are more interested in good entertaining humour of the likes of "Khosla Ka Ghosla" than this bisexual drama

Cast & Crew

Rohit Kaushik
Punam S. Sinha

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