Men will be Men - 2011


This is a slice of life story about four guys who have been buddies since their school days. They are very close to each other and their relationship hasn't changed since. All four of them are working together in the same corporate office. Preet, one of the four friends, a very mature person, loves his wife & friends. He maintains a fine balance between the two worlds; Bobby is presently engaged to a girl in Kanpur - the daughter of his father's friend R.K.Bhalla. Though unhappy, he knows the importance of this match and has accepted it, Jimmy is the hot shot who is single and a fun loving guy who knows how to live the good life & then there is Sunder who is fun loving, enterprising & single, but by choice. They all have their different lives & lifestyles but, share one common aspect which is monotony. Their lives have become a rut to which they mindlessly abide day after day after day, the only temporary escape for all of them being their weekly "boy's night out". On one such night out, Jimmy comes up with the idea of going to Pattaya, to live it up, to be boys again, if not physically then at least mentally, to be free & wild just like in their younger years. They plan to leave that very night.

The only thing that could come in their way is their boss. They all line up & get cracking on ideas to put up as alibi to their boss to get their leaves sanctioned. They all go to him one after the other & present their very innovative to the extent of being weird reasons. Their boss though finding it difficult to comprehend the reasons relents & sanctions their leaves any which ways. So they are off to "Pattaya". They enjoy themselves to the hilt & have all the fun they can. There they come across this yoga instructor, who they fondly call "Deepa", and the four of them fall for her. "Deepa" who gets a feel of what the guys are up to strangely plays along. She seems to be enjoying all the attention she's being showered with. The five of them get together & have a blast, where in all the guys keep taking chances to impress her & hit on her & she keeps playing all along. All the while that they are there the guys keep thinking that one of them is getting lucky but they are taken on a ride till the last moment, till when they are ready to depart for India. The dejected guys walk into the airport escorted by Deepa who seems to be on a trip watching the condition the guys are in.

As they are checking out of the hotel they see their boss walk towards the four of them & then it's revealed that he knew of their activities all along.....To know what happened "Men will be Men".

Cast & Crew

Harsh Khurana
Harpreet, Advait Nemlekar
Amit Anand Chauhan

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