Manthan Ek Kashmakash - 2008


The movie is a thriller which deals with the underworld gang wars. The protagonist, Mr. Dev is a genius nuclear scientist who has been selected by the defense ministry to undergo further training in IIT Powai. He gets entangled in the underworld wars during 1985/1995 period, as he is involved in a project to stop film piracy which was literally killing the film industry.

Later the hero loses his parents in the gang war & how he eventually takes his revenge. Dev meets his childhood friend Dr. Pooja, who has studied medicine in Vicenza, Italy. She works at the IIT hospital, where the hero falls in love with her. Dr. Pooja for the sake of love does everything possible for Dev in his struggle to recover from the events which happen due to his involvement in the anti film piracy project. This film is a very entertaining way to educate the masses, government and all concerned regarding the involvement of international & local mafias in film piracy & will hopefully contribute in curbing film Piracy

Cast & Crew

Kumar Raj
Kumar Raj
Ashish Prakash

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