Mallika - 2010


Divya Dutta: Sanjana
Sanjana is traumatized by her special ability to look into the dark past of the place she stays in. Not able to put with her nightmares and vivid visions anymore, she decides to leave her apartment and go on a vacation to a fort in Rajasthan.

Sameer Dattani: Saahil
Saahil is a creative director at an ad agency and a keen violinist. He is a brave, charming, helpful and an inquisitive person. Although he is funny by nature ha can prove to be tough nut to crack if provoked. A research job urges him to land up at the fort.

Himanshu Mallik: Vikram
Vikram is the owner of the fort. He is a blue blood who has inherited a bountiful legacy from his forefathers and the pride shoes on his face. He is a man of few words and a great believer in God.

Pooja Ballutia: Maya
Maya is Vikram's wife and co-owner of the fort. She is a graceful woman with a royal upbringing and gentle nature. However, she has a roaming eye and finds it difficult to resist good looking men. Vikram is unaware of this side of his spouse and blindly trusts her.

Rajesh Khera: Chandar
Chandar is the manager of the fort. Although this is just his profession, he has an obsession for paranormal studies and occurrences. People often find him weird as he ends up talking about ghosts and spirits, even with the resort guests. He always carries a book of spells inherited from his forefathers.

Suresh Menon: Inspector P K Girpade
Girpade worked for the Mumbai police as an encounter specialist. However, after he ended up killing mostly bystanders and innocent citizens, he was transferred to Rajasthan. Missing his gun totting days in the cities, he now handles cases of missing cattle and minor thefts, but deep inside he is still the city cop... ready for action!

Arjun Mahajan: Maddy
A fashion photographer by profession, Maddy is a promiscuous guy who wants to sleep with every beautiful; woman he comes across. He lacks respect for other people and has no priorities in life than himself. He is at the fort with a model, Alisha for her portfolio shoot.


Sanjana is haunted by nightmares and vivid visions of a murder that took place in the house years before she moved in! She has a special gift or rather a curse to see the unseen... to witness the darks past of any place she inhabits. Not able to take the horrific recreation of the death anymore, Sanjana decides to leave the house and go for a vacation... hoping that those visions will stop chasing her... to a seduced fort cum resort in Rajasthan! However little did she know that things were going to go from bad to worse at the fort which holds a dark secret deep inside it's chest... a past that will change Sanjana's life forever...

Cast & Crew

Wilson Louis
Percept Picture Company, Glorious Entertainment

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