Main Aur Mr. Riight - 2014


As the title speaks for itself, the film is about finding ?THE MR.RIGHT?.But does one really exist? A slice of life, romantic comedy that talks about love, relationships and singlehood. It?s a story of 8 friends from different fields living their individual and successful lives. The story sails through each and everyone?s life of which the major plot being that of Aliya & Sukhi.

In the film, Aliya faces the challenge of turning Sukhi from a loud and immature Punjabi boy to her sophisticated ?MR.RIGHT? while on the other hand Sukhi with his charm and persona changes Aliya and her friends? lives completely. In short it raises a question for all the individuals in the world, on the sheer existence of their Mr. / Miss Right.

Cast & Crew

Adeeb Rais
Pooja Gujral, Aseem Rais
Bappi Lahiri

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