Luv U Alia - 2016


Luv U Alia is the latest piece of work by famous Director Indrajit Lankesh. The highly entertaining family drama with a strong social message and shot in exotic international locations with extremely fantastic cinematography, is a story about four people in love but unfortunately not together. Work is the centre of protagonist Dr. Ravi's life played by actor Ravichandran who due to his immense dedication towards work, leaves him with little or absolutely no time with his family. Lack of time towards the family does not go well with his wife Bhoomi (Bhoomika Chawla), who in the zest of her ego divorces him. Daughter Alia (Sangeeta Chauhan) who is an Air Hostess bears the brunt of her parents separation from childhood unfortunately stops believing and gets extremely scared with the institution of marriage resulting in her refusing to marry his love - Kiran (Chandan). Kiran for his passionate love for Alia and without giving up goes through many hard ways to reunite her warring parents.

Cast & Crew

Indrajit Lankesh
Jassie Gift

Luv U Alia Movie - Songs

Sanje Veleli - Song

Kanase Kanninda - Song

Kamakshi - Song

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