Laila - 1984


Bitter hatred had always existed between two Rajput families, namely those of Bharat Singh and Prithviraj Singh, resulting in the death of Bharat?s nephew.

Years later, Prithviraj?s son Dharamraj gets married to Sunaina, who gives birth to a baby boy named Deshraj. On Deshraj?s 10th birthday, Prithviraj goes to make peace with Bharat and invites him for a birthday party, which Bharat attends, but there is no end to the animosity - which results in the death of Prithviraj, when his chauffeur, Chandu, is bribed and manipulated by Bharat and his men. Dharamraj is beside himself with anger, he poisons Chandu, and sends Deshraj to the U.S. to continue his studies and live in a safer atmosphere.

Years later, Deshraj returns home, meets and falls in love with a young woman named Leela, who is none other than Chandu?s daughter. Fearing for his son?s life, Dharamraj proposes peace with Bharat and would like his son to marry Bharat?s daughter.

Laila Movie - Songs

Saath Jiyenge

Ho Gaye Deewane

Geeton Se Sargam

Doston Ki Haqeeqat

Aaj Sar E Mehfil

Tu Jo Kahe To

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