Khujli - 2006


Raj is happily married to Natasha who is very beautiful but has only one problem; she is very suspicious by nature. On the work front Raj runs a successful Ad Agency. His staff comprises of a lot of people including his very sexy secretary Sheela. Natasha keeps nagging Raj about Sheela and his relationship with her.

One day because of unavoidable circumstance Raj is forced to stay away from home for the whole night. Next morning when he is questioned by his wife, who is raving mad, Raj lies to her, that he was with his long lost friend P.P.K. Khujlikar. Raj feels the matter is solved but Natasha start probing to find out about this person called P.P.K. Khujlikar.

Does Natasha get to know who is P.P.K. Khujlikar? Does P.P.K. Khujlikar exist? If he does than who is he? Is Raj a faithful husband? What kind of relationship does he have with his sexy secretary? Does Raj manage to solve the problem?

Answer to all these questions sums up the making of Mr. Khujli, a comedy film...

Cast & Crew

Raj Sippy
Geeta Creations
Deepak Pandit, Prem Paras
Anwar Khan, Shakeel Azmi

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