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he Bhatts have often told stories that seem straight out of everyday life. Their new outing JASHNN also mirrors the thoughts of zillions of hopefuls. It's about a nobody who wants to achieve success in life, wants to live his dreams, wants to become a somebody some day. In that respect, JASHNN, with director duo Raksha Mistry and Hasnain Hyderabadwala in the driving seat, drives home the point convincingly.

You can't deny the fact that JASHNN brings back memories of the immensely likable ROCK ON!!, for JASHNN is also about a boy band, about dreams, about defeat and about success. Like ROCK ON!!, JASHNN also looks at relationships, but the relationships here are poles apart.

In this case, the protagonist [Adhyayan Suman] is living off his sister [Shahana Goswami], who is reduced to being the mistress of a wealthy entrepreneur [Humayun Saeed] and who loathes the protagonist. Actually, the relationship between the siblings and also the volatile relationship between Adhyayan and Humayun are the mainstay of the film. Sequences between them expose the stark reality of life.

But JASHNN is not without its share of hiccups. The romantic track could've been as intense as the volatile ones. Also, it gets long drawn towards the second hour and robs the film of its sheen to an extent. But the climax more than compensates for the blemishes. Thankfully!

All said and done, JASHNN is yet another compelling tale from the house of Bhatts. Super music coupled with bravura performances from its principal cast makes JASHNN an interesting watch.

Akash [Adhyayan Suman] thirsts to become a singing icon. But though he has dreams in his heart, he is unable to find that distinctive voice that he can call his own, that will propel him to the top. Only when he confronts a bitter truth - that he is freeloading off his elder sister Nisha [Shahana Goswami], who, in order to offer him a decent lifestyle, has become the mistress of a rich businessman Aman Bajaj [Humayun Saeed] - is he is able to touch his inner core.

Jashnn Call it irony or a twist of fate, but the person who sees him through this dark night and mentors him when he's down and out is none other than the sister of the person who he hates most in the world - Aman Bajaj. It is Sara [Anjana Sukhani], Aman's sister, who makes him realize that he is an extremely talented man and is simply going through a bad phase.

In the end, he not only touches his inexhaustible potential and becomes an overnight star, but also humbles his biggest detractor Aman Bajaj and in the process, lives up to the faith that his sister and Sara had in him all along.

Director duo Raksha and Hasnain step into a different domain [emotions], after attempting thrillers. And the relationships here are too complex. Some instances...

* Watch out for the tiff between Adhyayan and Humayun, when the latter abuses Shahana. The subsequent sequence, when Adhyayan apologises to Humayun at his office, is heart-breaking.

* Here's another. Adhyayan and Shahana enter Anjana's party and the confrontation that ensues with Humayun there. Another master stroke!

* Note another sequence. In the post-interval portions, Adhyayan's demo is rejected by the music company baron and his outburst at this point. It breaks your heart!

* The same night, he takes refuge in drinks and even robs money from another guest at the hotel. What happens thereafter is astonishing.

* In the climax, Adhyayan calls his sister on stage and makes her accept the trophy from Humayun. Clapworthy, but deeply emotional!

But, as mentioned earlier, JASHNN loses its grip during the romantic sequences. The film dips in the second hour, which is long drawn and half as convincing at times. The low phase that Adhyayan goes through could've been more effective and shorter.

Jashnn Director duo Raksha and Hasnain show sparks of brilliance in the above-mentioned scenes and they get solid help from writer Shagufta Rafique, whose screenplay is watertight, barring the portions mentioned above. You expect every Bhatt movie to be embellished with melodious and soulful music and the songs in JASHNN are seeped in melody, especially the final track. Dialogues are powerful and dipped in acid at times. Camerawork is up to the mark.

All four actors shine in their respective roles. Adhyayan Suman takes giant strides. Note the helplessness, the sorrow, the dejection and the eventual exhilaration. This is Adhyayan's showreel. Humayun Saeed, from across the border, is brilliant. This film makes you wake up to this talent, which gives the film a rich texture. Here's an actor to watch. Shahana Goswami is already going from strength to strength and JASHNN only proves that she's matchless. She handles her part with amazing understanding. Anjana Sukhani is a revelation. Again, this film should act as a showreel for her. She's excellent.

On the whole, JASHNN is a moving tale with three USPs - its music, the emotional quotient and the performances by its four actors. Despite some loose ends, it should slowly and steadily win over cinegoers based on these three factors.

Cast & Crew

Hasnain Hyderabadwala, Raksha Mistry
Mukesh Bhatt
Sharib, Toshi, Nouman Javaid, Sandesh Shandilya
Kumaar, Nouman Javaid, Nilesh Mishra, Arif Afridi

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