Izzat - 1991


zzat is the invisible crown of every human being small or big-rich or poor. To live with Izzat to die with Izzat is your wish, your neighbour?s wish, your friend?s wish and your enemy?s wish as well. No Izzat, No Life. No death. This is not faith of constable Ram Chandra alone but faith of all those people of this world who haven?t discarded honesty in favour of dishonesty, who have not stolen or dislodged the God from temple and auctioned it in the market. Neither in order to cover their own bodies have they made their own daughters and sisters naked-naked of honour-naked of Izzat to fill the coffins of wealth.

Very much like Inspector Siddhanta have thrown the garb of dishonesty which they were wearing and standing in the row of honesty. Once the conscience was awakened they challenged and grappled with the devils to destroy or to die in the effort. Thus not letting the truth down not letting the Gods down not letting the Izzat down. They faced storms - took bullets and swords on their chest but did not allow the dirty eyes to fall on the bodies of their sisters and daughters.

Cast & Crew

Ashok Gaekwad
Salim Akhtar
Anu Malik
Anand Bakshi

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