Hyderabadi Bakra - 2008


The movie is the third part of a trilogy about two conmen on the lookout for their next ticket to fun.

Two enterprising conmen, Ajju (Mast Ali) and Majju (D.C. Shrivastava), come out after spending seven years in a jail in Dubai. They are now on the lookout for their next bakra to fool. They find the perfect candidate in Nawab (Aziz Naser), who owns a hotel and has lots of money. The two of them convince Nawab that they were filmmakers in the lookout for a director to shoot their film on the exotic locales of Dubai.

Ajju and Majju, after some persuasion, also convince Nawab to sell his and invest the money in their film. They spend Nawab?s money lavishly, and once all the money is gone, they dump Nawab, and go on the prowl again for an-other bakra. What happens there after is almost predictable.

Cast & Crew

Masood Ali
Masood Ali

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