Gulaab Gang - 2014


Celebrating womanhood and her power, <i>Gulaab Gang</i> is the story of good V/s evil where two women with different ideologies clash as one strives to support her villagers while the other wants to accomplish her selfish motives.
Working for the underprivileged women and condemning the misbehavior of men is the duty of Rajjo (Madhuri Dixit), the leader of a gang of ladies who fight against injustice. While the dream of this educated Rajjo is to spread knowledge among villagers, she meets the cunning politician Sumitra Devi whose only aim is to fulfill her political aspirations. In a bid to garner support for elections, Sumitra extends a friendly hand towards Rajjo but Rajjo, aware of her evil intentions, decides to contest for the elections against Sumitra and others.

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