Guddu Ki Gun - 2015


The adult comedy Guddu Ki Gun revolves around the life of Guddu and how his life filled with women turns upside down because of a simple curse.

Womanizer Guddu is in a relationship with Bholi who is unaware of his flirtatious tendencies. However, when she finds out the truth about Guddu and his long list of girlfriends, her grandfather annoyed by Guddu s character and his betrayal, casts a curse upon him. Guddu who is unable to face the world with his golden gun tries to hide it from the world with a sling. While he also has to stay away from women, courtesy the curse of shining gold gun , he tries to find ways to return to his life. He is later told by the grandfather who cursed him that he will get his manhood back and his metallic gun will return to normal when he finds the love of his life. He meets Kaali and tries to woo her despite her ugliness when he realizes that his gun is turning normal. But aware of his golden gun are a few thugs who are ready to go to any lengths to steal it and earn profits on it.

Cast & Crew

Sheershak Anand, Shantanu Ray Chhibber
Shantanu Ray Chhibber, Sheershak Anand
Raju Sardar, Gajendra-Vikram
Vimal Kashyap, Aseem Ahmed Abbasee

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