Golden Boys - 2008


Anmol (Jeet Goswami) and his four friends, Ehsaan (Karmil Varma), Pateti (Trish Swalani), Hurupreet (Ronnie) and David (Amit Sharma) are hardworking scholars studying and doing research in a university. They are called golden boys because of their sincerity and dedication to their work. The golden boys are successful in their research work, which makes other students on the campus jealous of them. Dogra (Mukesh Tiwari), Vinay (Samay Thakkar) and their group indulge in eve-teasing and also want to destroy the research that the golden boys are working on.

Chanchana (Malini Kapoor), the daughter of Prof. Mathur (Asrani), is in love with Anmol. But Anmol is indifferent and explains to Chanchana that he and his friends are orphans who had run away from the orphanage to join the university and that he needed to concentrate on his studies and research only.

One day, three of the golden boys are murdered mysteriously while Anmol himself is thrown off the terrace and he loses his memory. Dogra and his group are blamed for the crime. Chanchana takes care of Anmol while he is recovering. The rest of the film is about how the actual culprit is caught.

Cast & Crew

Ravi Verma
Ashok Kaushik

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