Gola Barood - 1989


Inspector Mahendra Nath lives a middle-classed lifestyle in Bombay along with his wife, and son, Vijay. He is honest and diligent which brings him in the bad books of Davar, who initially tries to kill Vijay, but Vijay ends up being rescued by a honest truck-driver, Shambhu. When Mahendra goes to avenge this attempted killing, he himself is shot dead. Vijay swears to avenge his father's death by attempting to reform criminals and as a result is hired as a Deputy Jailor. Shortly thereafter Vijay is shocked to find Shambhu an inmate of this jail. While Shambhu makes it clear that no jail can hold him too long, Vijay accepts this challenge and swears that he will capture and bring back Shambhu at any and all costs, and also promises to investigate the reasons behind Shambhu's crime and subsequent conviction.

Cast & Crew

David Dhawan
Ravindra Dhanu

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