Ghutan - 2007


The movie is a horror film about a ghost of a woman taking revenge on her cruel husband.

Ravi Kapoor (Aryan Vaid) runs a company owned by his wife, Catherine (Hina Rehman). He has married Catherine only for her money and does not love her. He is a philanderer and carries on a love affair with his secretary, Priya (Pooja Bharti). When Catherine comes to know about her husband?s amorous liaison with Priya, she confronts him. In the heated argument that follows, Ravi hits her and believes that she is dead. He and his friend, Jaggi (Tarun Arora), take her body to the graveyard, but just as they put it in the grave, they realize to their shock that Catherine is alive. Scared, they bury her alive.

How Catherine?s ghost takes revenge on her husband and puts him to death forms the rest of the drama.

Cast & Crew

Shyam Ramsay
Shyam Ramsay
Vishwanath Dixit
Ibrahim Ashq

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