Gair Kanooni - 1989


Officer Kapil Khanna was a strict enforcer of the law. In order to gain evidence against the local mafia Don D?Costa he seek a favour from his underworld friend Aazam Khan a man with a golden heart. Aazam Khan was successful in securing evidence against D?Costa but the mafia got wise to it and before Aazam Khan could reach the law, D?Costa with the help of his friend Dalpat Dalal liquidated him. The blame of Aazam Khan?s death was owned by a petty driver Nathulal for a price paid by Dalpat Dala.

Aazam Khan?s little son Akbar swore vengeance against Police Officer Kapil Khanna as he felt him responsible. Kapil Khanna?s wife delivered a baby boy in the hospital of D?Costa, so did Dalpat Dalal?s wife to a baby girl. D?Costa returned Dalpat?s favour by interchanging the two on Dalpat?s insistence. Kapil Khanna was enraged at this and he took to a legal battle against the hospital authorities

Cast & Crew

Chatan Modi
Bappi Lahiri

Gair Kanooni Movie - Songs

Tum Jo Parda Rakhoge

Tik Tik Bole Dil Ki Ghadi

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