Des Hoyaa Pardes - 2004


The film tells the tale of a family comprising of a young son Gurshan, his mother, father and a bubbly sister Guddi.

Gurshan is a humble farmer who is content in earning his livelihood by tilling his land and providing for his family. The wave of social unrest and increasing violence in Punjab has its effects on the family too. But where there are tears, there are also smiles.

Gurshan gets married to Jassi (Juhi Chawla) who is a pampered daughter of a police officer. With the passing of time, the old wounds of the family begin to heal. But then comes the fateful night and the ominous knock on the door after which the entire course of the family changes.

The well-knit family of Gurshan is forced to separate and young Guddi?s dreams remain unfulfilled.

Des Hoyaa Pardes depicts the suffering of hundreds of people who became victims of the social unrest and discrimination in Punjab in the 1980s. Families that were torn from their loved ones, chased by the government and then forced to seek political asylum in countries abroad where they found it difficult to get into the social fabric of western society.

The 2-hr-47-min film captures the raw beauty of the Punjab life and also highlights the pain and suffering of people as they seek a better life abroad.

Cast & Crew

Manoj Punj
Manjeet Maan, Kashmir Gill
Jaidev Kumar
Gurdas Maan

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