Chutki Bajaa Ke - 2012


Film "Chutki Bajaa Ke" softly and yet emphatically communicates how the orphaned survivors of the natural calamities and man-forced disasters are subject to lead the life of deprivation in the hands of their own fellow human beings. The story follows the life and tribulations of a child called Chhotu who works on a roadside dhaba.

He is often mistreated by his master and some rich spoilt brats who study in a close-by school. Yet Chhotu?s belief in forgiveness and his positive outlook on life eventually makes him an amicable character. Whenever hurt, Chhotu seeks solace in the kind words of Baba Khan who not only empathize with him but also acts as his guide and mentor.

One day Chhotu is endowed with a charismatic amulet with super powers. Some humorous sequence follow before Chhotu makes his tormentors realize their mistakes and story sums up with a positive message for the society. Film has been inspired from several true stories of such children who are forced to work on the highway dhabas for various reasons.

Cast & Crew

Vedant Vishnoi
Mukul Raj
Rajeev Thanvi
Raaj Aashoo, Rajeev Thanvi

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