Chachi 420 - 1997


The story of the film is somewhat like this: Janaki (Tabu) is the only daughter of Seth Durga Prasad Bharadwaj (Amrish Puri) and heiress to his millions. She elopes with Jayaprakash Paswan (Kamal Hassan) a dance choreographer?s assistant. And of course daddy dearest finds him unacceptable. So when the marriage runs into stormy weather a few years later, Janaki?s father pusher her towards a divorce. Soon she?s a single mother looking after her only child, Bharthi (Baby Saana).

The father has visitation rights only a week - a fact he hates. He?s pushed into kidnapping his child and losses his weekly meetings. So, when he sees an ad looking for a Brahmin ayah, Paswan decides to become a woman with the help of make-up wizard, Joseph (Johnny Walker). As Mrs Lakshmi Godbole, Paswan is an au pair par extraordinaire.

In the bargain, Mrs. Godbole also manages to win Durga Prasad?s heart and when a marriage proposal is made, he/she cooks up a runaway husband. But her troubles are far from over the Paswan?s landlord Hari Bhai (Paresh Rawal) also falls in love with Chachi. To complicate matters Janaki forgives her husband. So Chachi dies but before that she gets Durga Prasad to accept Paswan. So what if Kamal takes liberties with the script of the original Hollywood film, he certainly gives Robin Williams a run for his money. A fun-filled film with many twists and turns, don?t miss the chance to see Kamal don a new avataar.

Cast & Crew

Kamal Hasan
Chandra Hassan, Kamal Hassan

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