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The film centres around the character of Rahul Seth (Rahul Khanna), a young, rich, Indo-Canadian living in Toronto whose widowed mother (Moushumi Chatterjee) is anxious to get him married after the freak-accidental death of his Caucasian pop singer girlfriend, Kimberly (Jessica Par?). Furthermore, the mother proclaims that the impending wedding of her daughter Twinky (Rishma Malik) & Bobby will not take place until Rahul has found himself a bride first. The pressure mounts on Rahul as he finds out that Twinky must get married to preserve the family?s reputation because she is pregnant.

Rahul goes to a bar and there meets Sue (Lisa Ray). Thinking she is a Spanish escort, he hires her to pose as his fianc?e. Rahul eventually discovers that Sue is actually Indian (her name is short for Sunita), and despite his initial anger at her lie, the two grow closer?due in no small part to a confidence boost Sue gave to Rahul?s tormented younger brother, Govind, who incorrectly believes that no one cares about his welfare?and eventually consider one another a fit match. Pleased, Mrs. Seth agrees to sanction Twinky?s wedding.

Rahul and Sue grow more intimate, later to share stories about their pasts. It is revealed here that Sue was once offered as a bride to the well-meaning but dim-witted prizefighter known as Killer Khalsa; offended that her parents would even consider such a match, she has been playing mischief in revenge. This mischief is not fully explained, but her liking for it is suggested by her audacity. Sue is quite immune to social norms; she speaks bluntly to all, particularly to Rocky, Rahul?s driver, who she knows as a famous Drag queen.

The blossoming romance is shaken, however, when Rahul is told that Sue was not only an escort, but a prostitute as well by a drunken friend at Bobby?s bachelor party. Sue is so hurt that he would question her honesty and integrity that she leaves him. He is forced to confess to his family that he never really courted Sue, but merely bribed her to act the part of his fiancee. His mother is forced to withdraw her sponsorship of Twinky?s wedding, due to her promise?but she need not; Twinky?s wedding has already taken place, well before the planned date.

Prodded by his understanding, Shakespeare-quoting grandmother (Dina Pathak), Rahul goes after Sue and professes his true opinion of her, and proposes marriage to her as well. Sue initially turns him down, only to be found later in the driver seat of his limo to show her acceptance of his proposal.

Cast & Crew

Deepa Mehta
Deepa Mehta
Sandeep Chowta
Jaideep Sahni, Taabhish Romani

Bollywood Hollywood Movie - Songs

Rang Rang Mere

Sona Sona Roop Hai

Dil Kabootar Khana Hai

Sooni Hawa

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